Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements Notified to the WTO

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  • This page was developed by and Bryan Mercurio.  The page is part of a larger project related to bilateral and regional trade agreements, with additional documents, analysis and statistics on the way.  Special thanks to Nikki Chong for her work in gathering the agreements and compiling various information about them, and also to Van Smith for providing the 2009 update.
  • This page provides links to a wide range of bilateral and regional trade agreements.  It includes all agreements notified to the WTO as of January 2009, along with the official WTO document number of the notification.  While we have not, as yet, compiled every bilateral and regional trade agreement signed over the past few decades, we believe we have put together a fairly comprehensive database that will be of use to trade lawyers and academics.  Please note that this page is, as they say in the tech world, in "beta" form.  In other words, we are still in the process of checking the data and texts that we have compiled.  Please contact Simon Lester or Bryan Mercurio with any general comments or suggestions for additions.
  • The signatories to each agreement are listed in the order they appear in the version of the agreement we have provided.
  • A list of all the agreements with their various annexes can be found here:  Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements with Annexes


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